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JamSum Media & Design has many products and services available both to the individual and businesses.

Here are is what we offer.....

Social Media

Learn how to make social media work for you.

Graphic Design

We offer many kinds of graphic design from flyers to advertisements.


We offer many different kinds of photography for business and the individual.


Do you have old video tapes, film negatives or photos that you would like to digitize?


Do you need an event recorded?

Website Design

We can help you get your website setup or you can take a class to learn how. We can help you with a brand new site or revamping an old site.


We are in the process creating different Pottery designs. You will start seeing them by May 2021.

Mixed Media

Designs for clothing, products and more. Branding your products for your business.

Click on the Services|Products link on the site to find out more.

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