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Learning Simple Tricks for Computers

We are looking to start a class to teach you simple tricks and hacks for getting around the computer easier.

Last year when the virus shut down everything and schools had to switch quickly to virtual, my kids were part of that. My youngest, whom was in 6th grade and has grown up with technology her whole life, was taught by me how to copy and paste into a form. She goes how do you know this, I said well I should since I have a degree in Computer Sciences. She thought I had taught myself how to create website online but I told her no and I actually took programming classes and have a degree in it.

I have talked to several people that would like to learn some basic hacks to get around a computer faster. There are lots of short cuts and helpful things that people might know.

I am going to get a class together either online or offline or maybe.....both. I think for some people it is better to learn in person. Look for that option coming soon.

Is there something you would like to learn? Contact us today....We can create a program for you.

Michelle Suman

JamSum Media & Design Owner / Creative Media Specialist.

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