Website Bootcamp


You are a professional with a professional business. You already have a website. Does your website showcase your business? Or does it need some updating?


JamSum Website Boot Camp the place to be for the beginner to the advanced website owner.


Some features include:

  * Creating your first website

  * Finding a server

  * Understanding hosting

  * Knowing when to outsource

  * Hiring a designer

  * Integrating PayPal

  * Taking your existing website to the next level

  * Streamlining

  * Understanding Social Media benefits

  * Blogging


For the beginner, we will start with a survey to see where you are with your website. From there, you will receive a 30 minute one on one session free of charge. This $200 value will demystify websites, take some of the scary out of website lingo, break down complex website issues and get you started.


Your Beginner JamSum Website Boot Camp (Normal Price: $400 / 20% Sale Price: $320), a four day program, will start with a one hour session working on your site and understanding where you want to go next. We will create a website, find a server, explain hosting, get started with blogging and give you an understanding of basic HTML code. You will have real hands-on activities and homework as you work on the creation and development of your site.


For the established website owner, we will offer a Basic Website Evaluation of your current site free of charge. This $200 value will give you a professional look at what is already working for you.


Your Advanced JamSum Website Boot Camp (Price: $250 / 20% Sale Price: $200), will be a two day program, one hour each day. We will assist you in knowing when the time is right to outsource, how and where to hire a designer and how to integrate PayPal. In addition we will increase your knowledge on streamlining, social media and its benefits, effective blogging and taking your website to the next level. You will have hands-on activities and homework to complete before the next session.


When you want to learn valuable necessary tools to make your website the best it can be and want to increase your websites benefits. JamSum Website Boot Camp is the place to be.


Beginner Website Boot Camp - Normal Price: $400 / 20% Sale Price: $320


Advanced Website Boot Camp - Price: $250 / 20% Sale Price: $200



About the Instructor

Michelle Suman consistently brings over 15 years of experience and real world knowledge as she assists business owners, entrepreneurs and clients with all aspects of website services. Suman connects on a personal level as well as a professional level with customers and associates providing a high level of quality service.


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